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We’re happy to work with a pet shop that sells pet products only and not live animals, which is something The Company of Cats fully supports as we advocate for adoption and not buying of animals. AHA is a pet business with a heart, as the owner Chan devotes himself to encouraging and sponsoring monasteries to adopt stray animals.

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is a non-profit organisation giving lodging, food, love and care to the many forsaken dogs and cats. Through the efforts of volunteers, countless cats and dogs have moved on from their undesirable past and found loving forever homes.  We deeply respect the great work that ALL does for the animal welfare scene in Singapore, and have committed to donating part of the proceeds from our entrance fees to ALL, as well as to work with them to run events & programmes on our premises to benefit the cause.

We are proud to call BooksActually our partner, for all they represent for independent local businesses, and that they do for the local arts and literary scene. Not to mention their 3 adorable rescued kitties Cake, Pico & Lemon who must be the most well-read cats in Singapore! In our cat room, you can curl up with our kitties and a selection of good books published under Math Paper Press, BooksActually's publishing arm.

Just Anthony carries the widest range of fine Chinese antique furniture in Singapore.  We - and our cats - love our Just Anthony antique bamboo bench, as a nostalgic nod to the roots of our beautiful Chinese heritage shophouse.

Nekojam is an online pet shop based in Singapore which specializes in providing pet supplies for dogs and cats. Nekojam was founded with the vision of empowering pet parents with knowledge about proper pet nutrition and care.


We found it difficult to find fun and good quality cat toys locally, luckily the good folks at Nekojam selected a dizzying array of exciting toys for Our Furry Majesties. Try enticing our kitties with some of these toys when you’re at our cafe!

Our kitties say a big thank you to Can & Clover for sponsoring them with FirstMate and Kasiks Pet Foods!


With so many different varieties of cat food on the market, it can be overwhelming to select the best for your cat. Visitors often ask us how we get our cats looking so healthy and handsome - nutrition is the answer! We totally agree with Firstmate philosophy: the best nutrition is simple. Beyond the necessary high protein levels, we are so impressed that the Canadian-made limited ingredient food only uses human grade ingredients.


FREE Firstmate kibble sample packs with vouchers are now available at our counter, ask our friendly staff for a pack!

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